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Logo Concept and Inspiration

Part of the process of defining myself as a professional designer, was to define my own visual identity with which I could represent my creativity, strengths and ideas and make a statement to relationate and connect with people.

The logo idea is to represent the concepts of innovation, pixel perfectionism and standing out of the crowd, while also using as inspiration street art stickers and the UI element of profile pictures circles. With this in mind I created the logo which acts like a seal and has huge visual impact because of it's color palette contrast, it's easy to reproduce and has the quality of being used at very low sizes.

Color Palette and Brand Fonts

JonCGI Color Palette and Brand Fonts

Complementary Pattern

JonCGI Complementary Pattern

Business Card

JonCGI Business Card

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JonCGI Social Media Posts

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JonCGI Facebook Page


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Sticker Tag

JonCGI Sticker Tag

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